Who We Are

AXOS Designs is set up to manufacture and install an extremely wide range of fine custom woodwork.

Our manufacturing operation is currently located in Queens, New York. We are proud to say that

100% of our manufactured products are made in the United States.  The scope of work ranges to

both private commercial (restaurants, hotels, catering halls, etc) and private residential jobs.



AXOS Designs also focuses on, but is not limited to, custom interior woodwork such as kitchen

cabinets, wall panelings, bathroom vanities, desks, interior and exterior doors, etc. In essence,

our operation and workforce is capable of manufacturing and installing anything made of wood or

wood based material. We provide a wide range of options for our clients as we are set up to 

manufacture fully-custom, semi-custom & production-type work on both the small scale

(Individual Clients) & the large-scale (Residential, Commercial & Retail Developments)